It’s supposed to be a really exciting time right now: summer vacation! The end of another school year! Sunshine! Warm weather! Picnics, bar-b-ques, friends, splashing in the water, relaxing and having family togetherness. V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!

That’s the story and most people stick to it.  

But like most of life, the truth is quite different.  

If you’re like a lot of  people, you are dreading summer vacation with your school aged kids.  We’re not supposed to say it, but I have found in my consulting practice that a lot of parents, A LOT OF PARENTS, of school aged kids dread summer.  I know that summertime stress is a reality I have had to learn how to handle so that everyone made it to the first day of school in one piece.  Especially me.

Admit it.  Summer is filled with kids who have a whole lot of “too much”.  Kids with too much time on their hands,  hanging around, demanding time, attention and ACTIVE PARENTING!!

People ask me if it’s harder now than it was “back in the day”.  My answer is always that we must be honest:  it is much harder to parent kids now, thank you Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.  Whatever it is that is stressful during the year, escalates during summer.

What family these days isn’t struggling with how to handle technology and social media?

The iPhone is 10 years old this summer and for our kids, life before iPhone did not exist.  We have to parent our kids DURING THREE MONTHS OF SUMMER BREAK when they have no memory of summer before iPhones.

You know what else is harder now?  You don’t know what’s going on in your kids lives even if they are sitting right in front of you being quiet.  As long as they are on their hand-held computers (another truth:  they are not phones!), they are in a world of their own.  Have you noticed how their moods can slip and slide in a second?  Again, it was bad before Snap Chat and Instagram and Facebook, but now…worse.

Plus, summer brings all kinds of opportunities for conflicts.  Nothing is more intense than a big family fight over the use of technology!

Summer can suck, especially if you’re a parent. 

But it doesn’t have to…at least not as badly.  I know that if you start with the premise that IT IS NOT WHAT IS HAPPENING, BUT HOW I HANDLE WHAT IS HAPPENING then you can change the dynamic.  Not the existence of the dynamic.  The dynamic itself.  I specialize in helping people create this kind of change.

And it’s easy.  Seriously.

You can stop your stress this summer easily

if you change how you handle what is happening.  

I lead you so that you have a shift in your perspective from what you THINK is your problem, to what is really the problem.  The techniques you will learn utilize  intelligent, thought-filled strategies that create completely different outcomes based on your strengths, giving you a completely different way to handle everything that the kids throw at you this summer.

I guarantee you that you will learn how to handle the stress of summer in your house, especially regarding technology and social media.

For summer 2017, I am offering a special for parents of school-aged children.   One 60 minute initial Introductory conversation.  Daily consultations by phone (yes, the phone!) on voicemail, FaceTime or Skype.  14 consecutive days.   $99.  Satisfaction guaranteed or full refund.  

Text:  617.584.7001

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