Why Hire Joanne?


I believe that the power is in the questions because you cannot figure out your answers until you understand the questions.  Here are the questions you can consider:

Am I interested in learning how to understand the connection between my thoughts and my feelings?

Am I committed to becoming the best version of myself?

Am I ready to simplify what is most challenging for me?

Am I open to learning how to actually DO what it is that I SAY I want to do that will improve my life?

Am I confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed by the demands of life in the 21st Century and want a simple set of tools to know how to handle everything that happens to me?

Does technology and social media create stress in my life and make me feel genuinely disconnected rather than authentically connected?

Have I lost sight of what success and happiness really means for me?


What am I waiting for before I go for what I really want?



If you are open minded, curious, inquisitive about personal change and ready to achieve what you truly desire, you will find working with me is a unique experience.


People describe me as  authentic, intelligent, funny, smart, intuitive with years of experience as a therapist and educator and unlike anyone they have ever worked with before.


I brings all of my skills as an teacher and counselor to each and every meeting.

My primary goal is to ask authentic and deep questions of my clients about their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experiences of themselves and their lives.

All the work is based on the history of brain development and Plan C Strategies, an intelligent approach for handling the components of life in the 21st century and achieve happiness and success.


I am committed to bringing these tools so that they are understood, digested and implemented easily by everyone of all ages.


Another skill I am known for is my ability to hear the underlying messages that people are communicating and verbally reframe what I hear so that clients gain insight into their desires quickly.

I approach teaching using a differentiated learning style — e.g. I  assess individual learning styles and teach in that modality be it verbal, auditory, visual etc. — so that anyone can understand how they best learn how to apply Plan C Strategies to their lives immediately.

I am available to speak live to groups of all kinds.  I strive to be a dynamic presenter and enjoy the give and take with a wider audience.

For those who are interested in “personal graduate school”,  I work with a select group of people on an intensive basis* (Plan C Strategies Concierge Consulting).  You can also hire me on an hourly basis to discuss specific issues, personal and or professional.  This work happens in person, on the phone, Skype, and FaceTime.  All of my work is appropriate for all people, ages 5 to 117.

An advertisement for Infiniti cars, early 1990’s.  It could also be an ad for Joanne Dougan, M.Ed.  

*A one hour (no charge) interview is required to be considered to become a Plan C Strategies Concierge Consulting client.

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